Posted by: AC | July 6, 2009

Saturday Morning Practice Test: A Disaster

So, I woke up at 6:00am to take the my usual Saturday morning practice test.  I got plenty of sleep the night before, had tea and toast before the test…  (which I mention only so you know I was, indeed, awake) … and I tanked.  It was awful.  Disastrous.  No, I am not being dramatic.  I scored worse on this test than on the very fist practice test I took before I started studying.

I would be too easy to say it’s only a fluke, or that it was just an off day.  So instead of brushing it aside (which I desperately wanted to do)  I waded through the test questions one at a time with a big bowl of ice cream as a condolence and I analyzed my errors (there were so many errors!)

Here is what I found:

– A large proportion of errors were made towards the end of the test, in both quant and verbal sections.

– I made lots of careless mistakes.  Upon attempting to answer the incorrect questions a second time, I found the answer to be glaringly obvious.  Not sure if this is nerves or what!

– Most importantly: over half the questions I missed in the quant section were data sufficiency questions.

With these observations in mind, I am mixing up my study techniques and focusing on those DS questions this week.  I will practice data sufficiency when I wake up, when I eat lunch, and probably even in my dreams.

Anyone have any good suggestions/strategies for DS?

Happy Trekking!



  1. Check out GMAT Hacks on data sufficiency, it may be of help

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