Posted by: AC | July 1, 2009

Where did they go, the last 2 weeks?

Wow, the last two weeks have flown by! Here is what the last two weeks of MBATrekking has looked like:

– Studying studying studying for the GMAT.  I came dangerously close to burnout, so I had to back off a little bit last weekend. My scores were actually going down!!!  But after a little R&R this weekend, I have been studying before and after work, on the T, early in the morning before the world awakes… seems to be going a bit better.

– Updating a database of schools I am interested in, with their deadlines, essay questions, and other information.

– Talking to everybody I know who went to MBA programs, getting feedback and on their experiences and some guidance for post-MBA plans.

– As far as my scores go, I have plateaued a bit the last two weeks, and I am looking for ways to break out of that.  New and different ways of studying: I ordered a new book and bought some flashcards.  I’ve also tried to mix up when I study and where I study, and shifted from long hours of studying to brief periods throughout the day.

So, now, back to the grind, with renewed diligence to this blog and the MBA applicant community!

Still feeling really nervous/anxious about the GMAT.  Only a month left to study and get that score up!


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