Posted by: AC | May 22, 2009

Best Practices for MBA Admissions Webinar

Yesterday I attended the Best Practices for MBA Admissions Webinar hosted by  This webinar provided a brief overview of the applications process and essentially spelled out stratgies and timelines for applicants.

Some key themes:

  • An MBA is a bridge between now and where you want to go.  Know your post-MBA goal.
  • Your application should answer the overall question ‘Why should the school admit you/ why you?’
  • Apply as soon as possible, provided that you do not compromise your application.

Linda Abraham, host of the webinar and Founder of, described applicant profiles as having four pillars:  academic, experience, personal qualities, and fit.

  1. Academic: What is your GPA? What are you GMAT scores? How have you performed in an academic setting?
  2. Experience:  What are your accomplishments? What is your work experience? Is it dynamic, unique, and unusual?
  3. Personal Qualities:  How does your resume or experience demonstrate your leadership, teamwork, interpersonal, analytical, and communication skills?
  4. Fit:  How well do you fit with the school? with the program, its methodology and environment?

Interestingly, she encouraged focusing on the weakest pillar, trying to strengthen and improve that aspect before submitting applications.  I think most of us are probably also focused on Pillar 4: we are researching schools and trying to determine where we will succeed as students.

As you can see, the webinar was pretty basic information.  I got the feeling they didn’t want to give away too much of their content (that is their business, after all); however, there was an advantage to having evertything spelled out to say “THIS IS WHAT YOU NEED TO DO”.



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