Posted by: AC | May 19, 2009

HBS to accept GMAT and GRE scores

Harvard Business School announced yesterday that beginning with – you guessed it –  the class of 2012, the School will accept either the GMAT or the GRE.  Maybe more schools will follow this change for class of 2012…

There are already a small number of top programs that accept the GRE, including Sloan.   Since the GRE places less emphasis on quantitative skills than the GMAT, this trend may be a good thing for those of us whose verbal scores tend to be stronger.

Here is a list of MBA programs that accept the GRE, but be sure to double check.  The list includes INSEAD; however, their application checklist specifically requests GMAT scores with no mention of the GRE.



  1. Wow … this is great

    Two birds in one shot… get to MBA or MS with GRE

    if u wanna prepare for vocabulary visit

    • Thanks for your comment. I like your grepicture site – I will pass it along to friends studying for GRE. 🙂 I’m For those who score stronger on verbal, might be a relief MBA programs accept the GRE. best, .a.

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