Posted by: AC | May 14, 2009

The GMATs: dun Dun DUN

from May 13, 2009

First, brace yourselves, it costs a whopping $250 to take the GMAT.   The test fee includes releasing your scores to up to five business schools (it costs $25/school for every additional school) so plan ahead and start saving…

General consensus is that the test comes down to study study study and taking plenty of practice exams.  It’s a computer adaptive test, so it takes getting used to and it’s important to understand the format of the exam.

Kaplan, Princeton, and all the others have CD-ROM practice tests, and there is Free GMAT prep software on

Author of the blog How I Got a 770 on the GMAT has created a detailed study schedule for two months, for those of you who need a little structure or a kick in the a%#.  For more information about the test, check out the official website or an unofficial guide at

Okay, now, go on, click on the link and  SET A DATE.  For those of us applying in Round 1 deadlines (early October) the absolute last time to take the test is in early September, as it takes around 20 days to get official scores.  So, if you haven’t already, register for THE TEST.


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